Production of Matryoshka


The matryoshka manufacturing process begins with choosing the proper wood. Linden is the best because of its softness. Also birch or alder-tree are also good. The trees are to be cut in early spring. The bark is to be partly peeled – a thin layer helps to prevent cracks. After that the logs are left for 2-3 years in the fresh air to dry. The smallest matryoshka in the family is the first to be crafted – that one which is a solid piece.

When the smallest one is ready, the master starts the next figure which will be the shell for the first one. The blank is to be cut and machined first. Then the master cuts it in half and the bottom part is to be made first. He starts by hollowing the wood out so that the smaller doll is close fitting. Then the process is to be repeated for the rest of the Matryoshka`s parts.

Let's illustrate the process of making the blank:


Billet fixed in the cartridge of machine and grind to a cylinder


By cutter aligned end of blank


By cutter hollowing the wood out from future matryoshka


Trying on the inside matryoshka to the outside matryoshka


Excised protrusion for connecting the bottom with the upper part of matryoshka


By cutter cut off the bottom of matryoshka


By cutter hollowing the wood out from the upper part of matryoshka


Connect both parts and grind external shape of matryoshka


Grind matryoshka by sandpaper


By cutter cut off the upper part of matryoshka


After priming PVA glue, blank can be used for painting