Interesting facts 


  • Did you know Matryoshka is just 130 years old? The first doll was made and painted by the Moscow's toy factory "Detskoye vospitanie" at the end of 19th century.
  • Matryoshka are of Japanese origin. Malutin S. V. might have picked up an idea of the doll from a toy which was brought from the Honsu island by the wife of S. I. Mamontov. It was a figure of a wiseman, Fukurokudzu, inside which a few other figures were hidden.
  • Every matryoshka doll is hand crafted. It takes a master up to 15 steps working on a piece of wood before it became a matryoshka.
  • The biggest matryoshka is a 30 meter high building in the shape of a matryoshka situated in Manjuria (China). The largest non-opening ones are 13 meters high and were painted by an artist Boris Krasnov - they are installed in Moscow's exhibition hall. The biggest opening matryoshka is 1.5 meters high and was made in Semyonovo and was given as a present to Japan in 1970.
  • The most implementing is one done by Smyonovskiy workshop – its volume is 75 cm, and riches 1,5 m height.
  • There's a believe that if you put a note with a wish into a matryoshka – it'll come true. Use the most beautiful one.