Master Class Matryoshka

Miracles are made by your own hands

(с) Alexander Grin

Are you interested in Russian culture and art? Would you like to make a piece of art with your own hands? 

We invite you to venture deep into Russian craft art with a matryoshka painting master class!

A traditional wooden doll that is the most famous Russian souvenir. The master class is a unique opportunity to make your own souvenir. Methods and techniques which are used during this workshop are relatively simple even for those who haven’t painted for a long time.

The artists who're holding the meeting will share all of their passion and will help you to create a unique character for your doll.

Few words about how to going this event ...

You are provided with everything you need for painting


The set of matryoshka-dolls is to be chosen first

3 matryoshka with face

Choose colors for painting backgrounds for the headscarf and the sarafan

vibor cveta

Create a hairstyle and jewelry (necklaces, earrings, kokoshnik)

pricheska i ukrashenia

Select the patterns or create your own design to paint the shawl


Select the patterns or create your own to paint the matryoshka's tummy  


The master will process the matryoshka on your request while you'll enjoy a tea-break

obrabotka masterom

This workshop of a Russian custom will stay as a bright memory for a long time!

Create Matryoshka